About Clear

Your diary is Clear ... because your invoices were sorted in moments

Welcome to Clear, the world's online invoice exchange.

If your business sends out between 1-1,000 invoices a month, then using Clear will save you hours of admin ... time you could better spend helping your business, taking longer lunches or playing golf.

Suddenly, you've got your life back!

We take the grind and repetition out of invoicing. And we do it with some clever, behind-the-scenes wizardry and cool Internet tools.

If there's a time-saving short-cut, we'll find it. Join our Facebook page or follow our Tweets to discover what's coming next. You can also send us your requests to ideas@clearinvoices.com

Get a Clear picture of your cash flow

Clear is also really useful if cash-flow is important to you. Your invoices don't simply disappear into a black hole ... only for you to discover months later that they never arrived.

With Clear, your invoices are sent immediately and we tell you when they've been received and opened. So there's no need to check, chase and worry. We'll be able to tell you where the invoice is in your customer's approval process. We'll also send auto-reminders on your behalf.

You can send and receive online invoices in one place ... watch what comes in and what goes out ... get paid faster and take more control over when you pay your suppliers.

You're Clear to land ... it's safe to do so

And now the serious bit. Clear isn't a home-brew experiment (though many great Internet businesses started that way!). We're owned by EGS Group Ltd, an e-invoicing business trusted by over 100 large organisations to manage sending and receive hundreds of thousands of electronic invoices each year on their behalf. So your business is safe with us.

The choice is Clear ...register today  and start enjoying more of life

Email us at info@clearinvoices.com for more details about Clear.